Oct 04

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Reading List

Heres a collection of articles that are living, day after day, in my Firefox window. Eventually I’ll read them be cause they look very interesting. For now, though I’ll defer them to you and hope that while compiling this list I actually read through a few of them :)

How to Use the Internet to Investigate Your Next Date, Coworker, or New Friend (Without Being Creepy) via Lifehacker


SEO for Non-dicks by Matt Legend Gemmell


Scientists Can Now Extract, Record and Return Information To the Brain via Gizmodo


Facebook Is Tracking Your Every Move on the Web; Here’s How to Stop It via Lifehacker


 Bookend Your Day: The Power of Morning and Evening Routines via Art of Manliness


No, technology is not going to destroy your privacy in the future via i09


Energy Management via Scott H. Young


How to Find More Time in Your Day by Putting Your Chores on Auto-Pilot via Lifehacker


Genetic computing used to kill specific cancer cells via Ars Technica


The future of lighting: walls of light, LEDs, and glowing trees via Ars Technica


Running high-performance neural networks on a “gamer” GPU via Ars Technica


DNA circuits used to make neural network, store memories via Ars Technica



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