Apr 17

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Survival Guides



I recently featured LA Countys Survival Guide here, though the post was brief.

Now I’ve stumbled across a few other great resources.

As a note, these are only useful if you

1. Read them.


2. Print them out.

Any situation where these would be useful negates the possibility of accessing them online, so I’d encourage you to pick our what you think is useful to you and get it printed at Staples or something. Currently black and white copies cost $0.19 a page at staples so for a few bucks you can easily get 100’s of pages of hard copies.


Top 10 Survival Guides You Should Have

I haven’t read through each and every one on the list, but overall its a great ‘best of’ collection of information. It includes links to guides like Survival-Evasion-Recovery and Where There is No Dentist. It looks like the site has a fairly extensive collection of such information so if your really interested, check it out here.


Ship Captains Medical Guide

This is a guide released by the Department of Transport. It is written for “on ships where no doctor is carried and it is necessary for laymen to assess and treat injuries and to diagnose and treat ill health.”. The topics covered are wide ranging – from childbirth to care of the dying and all the fractures, cuts and illnesses in between.


72 Hours

This is a website setup to guide you through preparing for a natural disaster for three days, or 72 hours. The entire site can be downloaded via PDF here, but the site itself is a useful source of the same information if your just looking to read over it.


If you know any other good sources for this information I’d love to hear it in the comments.

Best of luck during the Zombie Apocalypse!


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